Bible Verse: 2nd Chronicles .14 vs 7, Hebrews 11 vs 6

He told the people of Judah, "Let us fortify the cities by building walls and towers, and gates that can be shut and barred.
We have control of the land because we have done the will of the Lord our God. He has protected us and given us security on every side." And so they built and prospered.

How do we come to God? We come to God when we pray, however there are some people who can be in a prayer conference or mega summit and still not be able to pray even when the place is filled with so much power. An instance is; even though it takes three hours to climb to the top of mount Sinai , a place where is primarily meant for prayer, some people will rather spend their time taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. My job as a minister of the gospel is to teach people how to seek the face of the Lord because a lot of people find it difficult to pray. We must first of all understand that there is only one mediator “JESUS”, any man or woman who wants you to solely depend on him for spiritual purpose is selfish and wants something else especially if they don’t point you to Jesus (1Tim.2:5). It is rather sad that these days, people seem to love manipulators and those who will make themselves look superhuman and immortal.

Hebrews. 4 vs 14-16

Here are five reasons why people struggle to pray

1. WHY If you don’t know the “WHY” you need to pray, you will never know the “HOW”, when you know the reason why you should pray, you will definitely look for the how you should pray. Any time you have a good reason to do something you will definitely find a way to do it. There are some force that we are contending against that we cannot see (2Cor. 10:3), we should be ware that even though we are walking in the flesh we are contending with the spiritual because the enemy is only after where we are going. Each and every moment in our lives when we wake we have something to overcome whether in our marriage, finances or whatever, we are always involved in warfare and should be aware that this warfare is not canal but are in the spirit realm, and if we know this it gives us enough reason to pray (Eph.6:10-13). You cannot afford not to pray because your enemy is lurking in the dark ready to pounce on you.

2. Encounter Most people who struggle to pray have not had a personal encounter with God in a special way, when you have an encounter with God in a personal way all you want to do is pray. There are many born again Christians who have not had any personal encounter with God but have only experience His saving grace. Matt.16:13-16, the disciples of Jesus Christ even though they have been walking with Him did not have a revelation encounter of who He was, they were simply walking with Jesus the man until he asked them the question “Who do men say I am?”. You may know the Lord as your savior and not have personal encounter with Him as your provider or promoter or as the situation your facing may reveal Him; you will only end up struggling in this capacity and instead of you to pray for a change in your situation and allow Him to work things for your favour, you will forsake Him and try to do things by your own strength or depend on men. When you have encountered Him, your attitude to prayer will change and the limited knowledge you have of Him will be broken John 4 vs 39-42.

3. Confidence Hebrews 11 vs 6, when you lack confidence towards heaven you will struggle to pray, so many people have become dependent on the physical and the natural that they no longer relate to the spiritual, it is amazing that these days instead of people going to their pastors for prayers they go him to ask him for money. Whatever we must do let it be done with the backing of the Holy Spirit. David in 1Sam. 17, succeeded in defeating Goliath because King Saul who was authority over him, backed him up with prayer. If you lack the spirit of God in your life, you will hardly succeed no matter the amount of money you have. Lack of confidence towards heaven is the main reason why people struggle to pray (Gal.6:6-8, 1Cor.9:11). When we walk in abnormality, we will experience a form of corrosion that will eat deep into our system, thus, we must understand that when we become carnally minded we become enemies with God (Roms.8:5-7, 1Cor.15:2). When you are carnally minded you lose your benefits from heaven and when you lack confidence in heaven, and when you pray you will still be worried. You must understand that whenever you pray to heaven, your prayers have been received and if you have confidence in heaven, after praying you will experience the peace of God that passes all understanding (Phillipians.4:6-8)

4. Pride - 2nd Chronicles 7 vs 14 prayer is admittance that you are incapable of handling the matter yourself without God. It takes humility to admit your inadequacies (Phi.4:13), if you lack humility, you will struggle to pray (Prov.29:23), this is an indication that you are proud. 5. Knowledge You cannot encounter a person and not know him 1Sam 13:1, 7; you cannot serve God and not Know Him, and when you don’t know Him you will run to men for solutions to your problems and end up making prayers your last resort after series of disappointment, meanwhile when we cry out to God he knows how to use even our enemies to bless. (1 Sam.30:7-9) because David enquired of the Lord, He positioned Help for him so he could recover what was lost, Jehoshaphat in 2Chr.20:4 did not know what to do and when he called on God, he had victory. God knows how to create events that will favour us when we call on Him, howbeit, He cannot answer our prayers if we do not pray.